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Knut Manke, der am 08.06.2014 nach schwerer Krankheit friedlich eingeschlafen ist.
Wilhelm Saemann, der am 10.06.2007 nach langer Krankheit friedlich eingeschlafen ist.
Hergen Küpker, der am 30.08.2006 völlig unerwartet von uns gegangen ist.

Knut Manke † 08.06.2014
                Knut Manke †

Wilhelm Saemann † 10.06.2007
            Wilhelm Saemann †

looking back on all these years
the truth, the dreams, my bitter fears
still linger in my head

all the things I've held so dear
the waiting chance, the call so clear
keep ringing in my head

will we ever learn
that we are here to serve each other
will we ever learn to see
without love we'll be nowhere, nowhere
'cause our time will pass
in the blink of an eye
only love will last
'cause when time has passed
we'll picture right
only love will last

all the days they fade away
the efforts, all that's gone astray
still echoes in my head

seasons come and seasons go
by grace I stand, by now I know
what mercy fell on me

will we ever learn ...

"only love will last"
music: sebastian cuthbert
lyrics: danyelle vanes
© 2006 felsenfest musikverlag, wesel

Hergen Küpker † 30.08.2006
      Hergen Küpker †